The Amazing Logline Contest

Let Your Logline Open The Doors of Hollywood

It is no secret that your script's logline is your calling card to getting your script read. If your logline doesn't enticed, people will take that as the story in your script is dull and uninteresting. Is it fair? Well, if you want to see a movie and the movie description doesn't entice you, is it fair if you pass on seeing the movie? Of course, not!

You see, Hollywood producers, agents and managers are always looking for great stories. The difference is they do not have the time to weed through entire scripts trying to find what may interest them. The logline is short and  presents the story of the script in 25 words. So, it makes perfect sense for a busy Hollywood insider to read loglines to see what pops out from the pack.

If you struggle with writing loglines, you may want to reference our Logline Help page. This page will break it down on how anyone can write an effective logline.

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